1. Entertaining Activities For Seniors That Aren’t Boring: Part Two

    What’s more exciting then calling out Bingo in a room full of peers? Most senior-citizens would say anything else. It’s important to communicate with your loved ones on what they would like to to do with their free time. In most cases, they have a lot time to use, but nothing to do with it. At K…Read More

  2. Entertaining Activities For Seniors That Aren’t Boring: Part One

    Bingo! How often do you hear about the elderly attending their bi-weekly bingo match? It’s so common that Hollywood uses it as an identifier for someone being a senior citizen. What’s more, we work with quite a few elderly people, and they would prefer to do something else for a change. Why not …Read More

  3. The Benefits Of In-Home Care For Seniors: Part Two

    Loneliness is a common occurrence for the elderly. If you have a loved one that is in need of home companion care, it’s time you found a company that offers exactly what your loved one needs. It can be tough to see your parent or grandparent age into a situation where they need someone else to hel…Read More

  4. The Benefits Of In-Home Care For Seniors: Part One

    You never imagined your parents needing help from you. It’s probably been the other way around for the last few decades. It can be tough to know that your parents need in-home senior care, and you aren’t able to give it to them. Do you have grandparents that need elderly care instead? It’s not…Read More

  5. Prepare Your Home For Your Loved One

    Do you have a loved one moving in with you who needs in-home care service? It can be tough to realize that your parent or grandparent needs consistent care, but you’re not able to provide it, even though they’re living under your roof. Fortunately, Kind Companion Care exists exactly for this sit…Read More

  6. Alternatives To Nursing Homes

    Nursing homes are often not desired by elderly people as they grow older and need more assistance with their day-to-day lives. Before any decisions are made regarding elderly care, it’s important to evaluate all of the options out there, and consider the kind of care you or your loved one needs. T…Read More

  7. The Benefits Of In-Home Care

    As our loved ones age, it inevitably becomes clear that they will need more assistance in daily life. You may be considering the different types of care available, and unsure whether to go with in-home care or nursing home care. When considering the kind of care to provide for your loved one, there …Read More

  8. Welcome

    Welcome to the new website for Kind Companion Care! Stay tuned for our latest updates!…Read More