Bingo! How often do you hear about the elderly attending their bi-weekly bingo match? It’s so common that Hollywood uses it as an identifier for someone being a senior citizen. What’s more, we work with quite a few elderly people, and they would prefer to do something else for a change. Why not allow your companion care service take care of your loved one, entertain them with something fun, and increase their quality of life as much as possible?

In this post, we’ll share 14 entertaining activities that won’t bore your loved one. Instead, they will pique their curiosity, engage their minds, and make them a happier person overall. You can call Kind Companion Care in Orlando for more information on our in-home care services today! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about these great activities!

Seven Senior-Citizen Friendly Activities

It can get lonely being an elderly person. Your loved one will get lonely from time-to-time, and it’s best to include them in as much of your life as possible. They want friends. They want to feel important. At Kind Companion Care, we’ve dedicated ourselves to exceeding the industry standards for elderly care in Orlando. That’s why we want to offer you these enticing activities for your loved one:

Activity #1 – Group Classes

In particular, group exercise classes are the best type of activity to consider. You get to accomplish two things for your loved one at once. The first is a social aspect. They will be able to interact with others their age—or other humans in general. Second, they will be keeping their bodies moving, and, as a hopeful result, more healthy.

Activity #2 – Wii Sports Games

Your loved one may not be able to shoot hoops or throw a baseball anymore, but they can strap a Wii remote to their hand and enjoy sports all the same. Wii is a great opportunity to get your loved one up and moving. In most cases, simply standing in place significantly helps health. Furthermore, competing on a game will get their heart going, which has numerous health benefits. Finally, playing Wii Sports together, you will be able to create new memories and bond over an activity that’s more interactive than Bingo.

Activity #3 – Walking/Hiking Groups

This may seem like it would fall into exercise classes, but walking clubs are a serious activity among most elderly communities. It offers time spent outside, social interaction, and overall health improvement. If your loved one is “stuck” inside with no one to interact with, get them on their feet and out the door with some new friends. Taking a walk around the neighborhood can be invigorating and refreshing.

Activity #4 – Gardening

Whether with friends or solo, gardening is a wonderful activity to introduce to your loved one. Not only are they outside and moving, but they will be cultivating something they planted over time. It will give them something to look forward to from day-to-day. Also, if your loved one enjoys gardening enough, they can grow their own food! This helps give them a sense of purpose with their days.

Activity #5 – Story Clubs

Books, movies, plays, and more all share story with the world. A good piece of entertainment can bring a group of people together—or start an interesting conversation. But that’s the point! Starting a conversation is easier when your loved one has something to reference and get them thinking. When it comes to their friends, their life, and how they relate to it all, stories can be a great way for them to connect with others.

Activity #6 – Life Story Therapy

Although this is called therapy, it’s more about recalling past memories and sharing them with a group of friends. The practice of revisiting times of the past allows for your loved one to test their memory, activate different parts of their brain, and feel good about their life. It’s also a way for people to relate to one another and then connect, which typically results in some pretty neat friendships.

Activity #7 – Continuing Education

You know what’s not boring for most people? Learning. If your loved one enjoys learning, get them into some classes. The internet offers a portal to online courses. One can communicate, engage, and learn all from the convenience of their computer. Learn a new language, skill, or trade that then your loved one can use to engage with others.

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