What’s more exciting then calling out Bingo in a room full of peers? Most senior-citizens would say anything else. It’s important to communicate with your loved ones on what they would like to to do with their free time. In most cases, they have a lot time to use, but nothing to do with it. At Kind Companion Care in Orlando, we work with you, your loved one, and whoever else that may be involved to provide the best companion care service possible for your loved one, even if they want to spend an hour playing Wii Sports, taking a walk around the block, or reading for hours every day. We will accommodate.

In this post, we’ll share seven more activities for seniors that aren’t boring. In part one, we shared things like exercise groups, life story therapy, and more. Give us a call today to schedule an in-home care consultation. Otherwise, continue reading this blog series to learn more!

Seven More Activities For Seniors That Aren’t Boring

Activity #8 – Art Classes/Groups

For some, art is cathartic. It helps them express their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Your loved one may be an artist waiting to express themself to the world. A brush, some paint, and a canvas is a great way to be “heard” in a world that’s overwhelmingly loud. Also, art brings people together. Classes and groups meet up to create things through various mediums. This allows for interaction, thought, and conversation to occur, which is a wonderful alternative to feeling alone at home.

Activity #9 – Make Jewelry

As a close relative to art, jewelry making can be a great way to spend time and feel creative altogether. What’s more, your loved one will find a purpose with their time, creating something they can be proud of. It will challenge them. Also, others who create jewelry will have a common interest, and your loved one will be able to make friends easier at conventions, groups, or general public interactions.

Activity #10 – Pottery Class

Depending on your loved one’s strength and abilities, a pottery or ceramic class can be a great way to get them out of the house, engage with something constructive, and get them interacting with other people. Also, a project tends to help people focus more on the positive instead of the negative. They want to achieve something, so they strive toward it. Pottery offers a hands-on opportunity to create something new from nothing.

Activity #11 – Music Classes/Groups

Whether your loved one enjoys listening or playing, music is a great outlet. As mentioned above, the focus on practice and, in some cases, performances, gives them something to look forward to—something to anticipate. Not only can your loved one learn and play an instrument, they will find engagement satisfying, which helps them invest their time into something they care about.

Activity #12 – Therapy (talk, music, group)

Transitioning from one phase of life into another can be tough. It can be devastating in some cases. However, there is hope! Therapy, whether it be talk, group, or music, can be a hugely beneficial activity for your loved one to find their voice, express themselves, and work through any turmoil they may be experiencing. Not only is therapy healing, but it also offers a chance for connection, which is one of the biggest gaps in elders and others.

Activity #13 – Pet Encounters

Does your loved one enjoy pets? Are they looking for a reason to pet a pup or stroke a kitten? A couple hours enjoying the presence of a furry four-legged friend can make a significant difference in mood and outlook on life. A regular pet/animal interaction date does more than offer interaction; it feeds the soul.

Activity #14 – Get Out Of The House

Simply getting out of the house is beneficial. Take a walk, go to the mall, spend time in a park, even if it’s sitting on a bench. Giving your loved one something to do other than stare at the street from their front porch or watch television late into the night is vital to their well-being. Do more than hope they make it. Hire a professional, compassionate home companion care service.

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