As your loved one ages, they deserve to do more than sit around the house, watch television, and let the dog in and out of the house periodically. It can be easy to abandon the idea that the elderly need to maintain their health like the rest of us; however, your loved one’s health relies on how they live their life, what they eat, how they sleep, and more. If you aren’t able to provide these types of vital needs, it’s time you consider in-home senior care services.

Kind Companion Care in Orlando has been serving families and their elderly for more than two decades. We’re dedicated to assisting your loved one enjoy their lives at optimal health while still at home. It can be tough to do it all alone, but we’re here to help! Call us today to schedule a consultation.

In this post, we’ll share five essential healthy living tips for seniors you need to know. You can implement these with your loved one on your own, or you can give us a call to help out. Continue reading to learn more.

Five Essential Healthy Living Tips For Seniors

When you choose to take on the responsibility of your aging loved one, it’s important to remember that each person is different. Their healthy living needs will be unique to their life and situation. Some people need less exercise but a strict diet. Others can “cheat” on their diet, as long as they get a few more minutes of movement in each day. Stay flexible. Listen. Communicate with your loved one throughout the process.

Tip #1 – Acceptance And Self Care

Quality of life is priority number one when it comes to aging adults. It can be tough to see your loved one go through this phase of life as they discover what it means to be a senior citizen. A variety of emotions and feelings will rise to the surface as they need to ask for help. Not only will your loved one be faced with uncomfortable situations, so will you. It’s important to understand that just as a child learns how to walk for the first time, you and your loved will learn how to handle this phase of life together. Keep an open mind and an open heart. Communicate often. Don’t only ask for help, but ask to help.

Tip #2 – Socialize Often

This is mainly for your loved one. As healthy adults, we are able to find groups, events, and situations where we can socialize with other people. As a senior citizen, that becomes more difficult. The elderly tend to find it difficult to drive around to events, let alone get out of the house due to the effects of aging, to socialize with others. It’s best to prompt social interaction on a weekly basis, whether it be a gathering at your home, attending an event with your loved one, or anything in between. Isolation is a huge challenge for the elderly, which leads to bouts of loneliness. Humans are social creatures. It’s important you and your loved one feel as though they’re a part of a community, even if that’s a walking club on Sundays.

Tip #3 – Foster Healthy Lifestyle Decisions

Instead of allowing your loved one to sit and watch television all day, take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Bring them to your social events. Going shopping? Take them with. Consider your diet. You eat certain foods while staying away from others. It’s important to not that your loved one does need a specific diet to maintain optimal health. Have your senior help you prepare meals for the week. Finally, make sure you and your loved one are getting enough sleep at night. Although you may fall asleep easily, your senior may not. Check on them periodically. Ask them how they slept and if they need anything to sleep better.

Tip #4 – Movement Based Activities

When it comes to physical health, movement is huge for the elderly. Exercise in any form increases blood flow, decreases stress, and helps the body heal. It’s time you fostered a movement lifestyle with your loved one. Setup routine walks throughout the week. Find senior exercise classes. Do you and your loved one enjoy dancing? Sign up for a dance class together and create some memories. The activity doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but it does need to involve movement.

Tip #5 – Fulfill A Passion

Ask your loved one what they’ve always wanted to do in life. Then, help them achieve it. This can be something like painting, writing a book, or visiting certain locations. When you engage with your loved one, you will inspire them to do more, be more, and not accept a sedentary lifestyle.

Find Senior Home-Care Assistance In Orlando

As your loved one ages, they may need in-home assistance. That’s where Kind Companion Care comes in. We’ve dedicated more than two decades of our efforts and time to bring the best in-home elderly care services in Orlando. When you choose us, you get the most compassionate caregivers for your loved ones. We work with you to foster a healthy lifestyle for your senior. Call us today to schedule a consultation.