As our loved ones age, it inevitably becomes clear that they will need more assistance in daily life. You may be considering the different types of care available, and unsure whether to go with in-home care or nursing home care. When considering the kind of care to provide for your loved one, there are numerous benefits to in-home care.

Preserves their life as they know it.

It can be difficult to make the adjustment from living at home to life in a nursing home. Often, elderly people who move to a nursing home have a difficult time adjusting, which results in feeling as though their lives are gone. In-home care preserves your loved one’s dignity through allowing them to maintain the life that they know. In-home care preserves your loved one’s freedom and quality of life, but simply adds assistance where it’s needed.

It’s affordable.

Compared to nursing home care, in-home care is significantly less expensive. It costs considerably less per hour to keep your loved one at home than it would be to send them to a nursing home. On average, nursing home care costs approximately $544 per day, whereas in-home health care costs approximately $132 per day.

Helps with medication and diet.

Older individuals commonly have trouble remembering to take medications if they have multiple prescriptions, and several different medications to take at different times per day. An in-home caregiver is there to assist them and make sure they don’t forget to take any of their medications. In-home care providers also can be trusted to make sure that your loved one is eating regularly, and eating healthy foods. Especially if your loved one was recently discharged from the hospital, they are at risk for not having or getting the nutrients they need in their diet. In-home care providers make sure your loved one is getting the necessary nutrients and will help prepare meals for them.

Assists with light chores.

As your loved one ages, it may become more and more difficult for them to keep up with housework. An in-home care provider will assist with this, providing light assistance so that chores do not become overwhelming and overbearing for your loved one. It also helps to maintain the living-environment for them, so that it’s safe and healthy.

Helps prevent depression.

Elderly individuals are more prone to falling into depression. They may be seeing their lives as less hopeful than before because their time is a bit more limited than it used to be, and as a result it’s easier for them to feel depressed. In-home caregivers are a great way to combat the trap of depression. They are a regular companion, that will allow them to continue life as they know it, and have someone to interact with socially.

Provides one-on-one care.

Often, one-on-one care is better quality care because it is focused directly on what your loved one needs. In-home caregivers are focused solely on your loved one, and will provide tailored care and complete attention to promote the highest quality of life possible.

Gives you peace of mind.

Perhaps the most important reason that in-home care is a great resource, is to give you peace of mind that your loved one is in trustworthy, caring hands. They give you peace of mind for situations when you can’t be there, or if something happens to your loved one. For example if your loved one falls, you can count on your in-home care provider to get them the necessary care that they need quickly.

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